I'm Alexandre Juca

a Multiplatform Software Developer

I am the founder & CTO of BitFyr. I am passionate about building useful things that affect peoples lives, teaching programming and computer science and building a more open web. This is where you'll find about my thoughts, projects and evil plans to take over the world. #StayTuned


I have accumulated various skills on my endevour to become a better and more solid developer. I have experience with databases namely MYSQL, MS SQL and POSTGRESQL. I have come to an understanding of the magical powers of C, JAVA, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and one of my favorites programming languages PYTHON. I have also aquired skills in computer security such as exploit development and penetration testing. I can't wait to one day program a quantum computer and have it do my bidding, HAHAHA Evil laugh..







C, C#, JAVA , GTK GUI, .NET, Python, Cython





Lazy Androiders

Lazy Androiders.py is an open source tool I created that installs the appropriate tools for android development on Unix/Linux Systems.

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

HTML5 Audio Spectrum Analyzer is an audio spectrum visualizer built with the HTML5 Audio API and javascript.


Warp is a simple open source transparent proxy written in Python I contributed to.

Linx Web Server

Linx Web Server is a python HTTP Web Server I developed to better my understanding of the TCP stack.


SGDA is a student managment software I developed in C# for Graceland Informatica. Software is proprietory.


Kudos is a platform for programmers to share information on their projects. Currently in Development.


Cinyur is a personal movie assistant that allows users to checkout the lastest filmes in Angolan cinemas and watch the trailers, as well as detailed information about a movie and it's characters. (Removed from play store and app store)


Read articles on programming, software architecture, computer security, design and more

Thoughts and Strawberry flavoured decisions

4th of December 2015

Three years ago, I made a decision. A decision that led me to this position on this chessboard called life. The decision was fueled by....

Learning how to learn - Part 1

23 May 2015

The text you are reading right now is being processed by the most powerful biological weapon that has ever been created. This weapon that you posses has been the cause of the greatest inventions, wars, technologies and laughs. This "weapon" is ....

Why company X needs Internal Penetration Testers.

24 March 2015

It was midnight and I was doing some research on a project I was working on when all of a sudden my internet connection "died". What? Seriously? What day is it today? My contract with my "loyal" ISP had ended. I needed to pay up again. Why could'nt internet just be...

Getting Kinky with Ruby

10 March 2015

I love programming and when learning a new programming language I feel like a kid in a sandbox, Okay maybe more like a kid in cool spaceship with cool gizmos all over the place, feeling like Luke Skywalker shooting starships down with my mind. Recently my coleagues at Beezond and I started working on very cool product for our startup and

A pragmatic programmers adventure

12 Janeiro de 2015

It's basically three years that I have really being coding seriously, working on more side projects and learning more and more about computer science and software engineering each day , but one thing bugs me.

Android Studio 1.0.2

22 Dezembro de 2014

Tive vários problemas com Android Studio anteriormente que me impediram a ser produtivo no desenvolvimento de vários projectos e fiquei um bom tempo a usar Eclipse....

Aumentando os teus poderes com Cython

07 Dezembro de 2014

Cython é uma linguagem de programação que torna escrever extensões em C para a linguagem Python tão fácil quanto o próprio Python. É uma linguagem de programação de alto nível, orientado a objetos, funcional e dinâmico....

O que Goku me ensinou sobre programação?

04 Dezembro de 2014

Quando criança gostava de assistir anime e fazia tudo para chegar em casa antes das 16:00 horas para ver o Goku em ação na series Dragon Ball Z . Ele foi uma personagem chamativo e interesante, era forte mais não era muito inteligente. Mas existia uma grande poder dentro dele que até hoje admiro...

Mama! Quero ser bom programador!

19 de Novembro de 2014

Todos nós queremos ser bons programadores e para alguns isto parece ser um sonho que nunca vai ser realizado...

Cinyur: O assistente pessoal de cinema

17 de Novembro de 2014

Foi no dia 31 de Outubro de 2014 que foi relançado o applicativo que muitos amantes de cinema em Angola vão admirar e amar...

Blog? Porque?

16 de Novembro de 2014

Ooooo Alex! Por que você esta criar um blog? Ninguem vai ler!" disse uma parte de mim, cala-te! disse o outro!...

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke